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Welcome To Sicham Aviation

Fly & Train with the best

Flight Charter

Whether you’re travelling for corporate meetings, Golf, horse racing, Airport, or you simply want an efficient mode of transport, Sicham Aviation will give you a VIP experience for all your helicopter requirements.


Training Program

Sicham Aviation provides helicopter lessons from the Private Pilot’s License to Commercial, Flight Instructor and Instrument Ratings. Advance Training for both Military and civilian for special mission; Search & Rescue, utility loads & specialized projects.

Why us

  1. Safety & Comfort - Our strict company policy is to ensure safety to all our Staff, Customers and Equipment.
  2. Proffesionalism all the way - Every Mission is unique, hence customized as per client’s request, in view of safety and adherence to high standard of aviation practices. 
  3. Quality Service yet competitive price - We stand for market growth, and service value

Our Products

Amazing Team;

At Sicham Aviation, we are a blend of dynamic and most experienced pilots you can find in the African region.
Our shared experience and teamwork, makes our service delivery unique and unmatched. 


Mining, Oil & Gas Solution

Always privileged to provide support to the oil & gas activities across Africa, and with such experience build over the years, we can only assure you of quality and efficient support in this field.


Energy & Power

Erecting new lines or providing maintenance program is something our crew team is well conversant with, and never hesitates to jump to the next flight whenever called upon.



Kenya as renowned for its tourism wonder, keeps our flight crew exited for that next flight, either being to the Maasai Mara, Laikipia, Samburu, the beautiful coast and private rangers across the country, always a pleasure having these flights.


Private Safaris

Our flight crew enthusiastically will fly you to the coolest and most beautiful places you could ever imagine, for the best moments ever spend, refreshing and energizing.


Search & Rescue

We are ever ready to dispatch our most experienced crew, and fully equipped helicopters for such missions, wherever, and whenever needed.


Surveillance, photography, film and Mapping

As a team of passionate, and experienced professionals, equipped with the right machine like Airbus B2, and B3, it makes our job fun to a complete. Our services range from;
• Aerial Surveillance
• Aerial Filming
• Photography
• Pipeline Survey
• Power line inspection
• Land Survey/mapping
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Training at a glance

Passionate, Committed & ever learning team


Private, & Commercial Pilot Training

Under the directorship of Captain Samoei, a helicopter pilot Veteran, Sicham Aviation learning program is tailored to bring out the best pilot in every student.

Our excellent flight training facilities enable us to provide the highest standard of training for every level of a pilot, our training include:

• Light Aircraft Pilot Licence -            LAPL(H)
• Private Pilot Licence - PPL(H)
• Commercial Pilot Licence - CPL(H)
• Flight Instructor Rating - FI(H)
• Multi Engine Instrument Rating – MEIR(H)
Night Rating
• Type Ratings


Advance Training;

The courses that we offer include:

• Full 50hr Single Pilot Multi Engine IR
• Qualified Military Pilots (QMP) IR
• FAA/ICAO IR Conversion
• Fixed to Rotary IR conversion
• Helicopter Type Ratings Courses
• Instrument Rating
• Multi-Crew Conversion
• Pilot proficiency
• ATPL Examination preparation 


Special Mission Training

We provide Tactical training programs for advanced helicopter service delivery;

• Search & Rescue
• Oil & gas Services
• Surveillance
• Turbine Transition
• Mountain Flying
• External Load

Our Fleet


Bell 407

Passenger – 6 
Cruise Speed – 161 mph
Max Range – 342 miles
Maximum External Sling Load – 900 lbs  


Bell 206

Passenger – 4
Cruise Speed – 110 mph
Max Range – 310 miles
Maximum External Sling Load – 800 lbs


Airbus B2

Passenger - 5
Cruise Speed – 140 mph
Max Range – 360 miles
Maximum External Sling Load – 2,200 lbs


Airbus B3

Passenger - 5
Cruise Speed – 140 mph
Max Range – 360 miles
Maximum External Sling Load – 2,600 lbs


Sikorsky S300

Passenger – 2 
Cruise Speed – 159 Kph
Max Range – 360 KM 

Our Experience

Discover the World, with us


Let us know how we may be of help


Wilson Airport, Superior Aviation Bldg, Langata Rd , Nairobi, Kenya


Email: Flight charters; operations@sichamaviation.comFlight Training; training@sichamaviation.com 
Phone:  +254 20 6003337,
               +254 0704 500944,